Hello, BRI | All about Hangzhou!

2019-08-27 09:37:09 source: Jiawen HE & Qingquan MA

In July of 2019,  the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City, located in Hangzhou, was put on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's World Heritage List as a cultural site. It's also the third world cultural heritage site in Hangzhou after the West Lake and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Both ancient and modern, you will feel you are communing with Marco Polo who must have stood on this shore, looking out at the silhouette of a wooden boat on the flat water against the backdrop of a pagoda and mountains, receding in haze in the distance. For every tourist, Hangzhou is a city full of cool things and rich cultures. People are always impressed by things such as the lake living, bike-sharing, Longjing Tea, Hangbang cai cuisine, and so on. Let's follow the video to get a close look at the Hangzhou city! 

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(Contributors: Jiawen HE & Qingquan MA) 

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