Yiwu Import Commodity City Incubation Zone attracts worldwide products

2019-11-15 11:55:20 source: www.wxylsh.com

On November 13th, China Import Commodity City Incubation Zone of Yiwu (hereinafter referred to as the Import Incubation Zone) was grandly opened. At the same time, the 30-day 2019 China Import Commodities Autumn Fair of Yiwu (hereinafter referred to as the “Import Autumn Fair”) will also be held on November 13th to the 27th.

Come to Yiwu, you can purchase any good product from all over the world. Focusing on the goal of “targeting the free trade zone, working on the test zone” and creating the 6th generation of markets, the Import Incubation Zone seamlessly interfaces with the Import Autumn Fair to build a comprehensive trade pattern of “exporting from the world, importing to the world at the same time”, to build a “global capital of commodity” at a high level.

According to reports, the Import Incubation Zone has attracted domestic well-known cross-border platforms such as JD Worldwide, Koala.com, NetEase Yanxuan, and the Princess and the Pea to participate. More than 150,000 source products from more than 150 countries and regions, including importing red wine, food, daily chemical products, handicrafts, cosmetics, electronic appliances, kitchen supplies, and household items will be sold in the Zone.

This year, the 2019 China Import Commodities Autumn Fair of Yiwu, which was held simultaneously, is themed with “Purchasing Global Commodities in Yiwu”. The Fair is featured with a variety of consumer goods, attracting 407 companies from 57 countries and regions including the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Russia and India to participate.

In addition, this Autumn Fair also attracted 20 high-quality companies including Fortune 500 company, Bosch Group of Germany and famous Australian winery, Palandri, to assist Chinese enterprises efficiently connect with overseas high-quality goods, overseas SMEs with distribution channels in China to add new vitality to the development of the import market of Yiwu.

Executive Editor: Ziyi Wu

Translation: Ziyi Wu, Wenjing Chen

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