Forget about the Game of Thrones! Headcanon about a national epic!

2019-07-18 18:08:00 source: In Zhejiang; Zexing Xuan


The memories of many fantasy series aired in the first half of the year were still fresh.

Unfortunately, the Game of Thrones got a brave beginning but a weak ending.

Some superheroes would stay in the heart of fans forever.

The movie Mulan that ignited heated discussion before hitting the screen...


Recently, I have been struck by a whim.

If Liangzhu civilization were turned into a movie,

What a blockbuster it would turn into?

图95 反山M12:98玉琮上的神徽图案线图.jpg

Liangzhu is indeed the land with tremendous space for imagination!

Here is a round-up of the wonders of Liangzhu civilization.

Inspiration 1: Theocracy

Just as the Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt was the only god of the sun,

Liangzhual so practiced monotheism.

The most important objects in Liangzhu's life were almost exclusively decorated with an image called the animal-headed pattern, which may be the only god found in Liangzhu traditions.

In Liangzhu, the wizard controlled the supreme power;

The king, as the ruler of Liangzhu, mastered the theocracy, majesty and military power.


The ruler of Taihu Lake basin, the guardian of the land of Liangzhu, the king of earliest ancestors of Chinese people, the protector of jade wares, the leader heading the construction of water dams, the King of Liangzhu born in a storm.

Inspiration 2: Ancient City

The core of Liangzhu Ancient City is divided into a palace area, inner-city and outer city. 

There are many artificial rivers found within the city. 

The total area of the ancient city is 8 million square meters, which is equivalent to 18 Vaticans.


Moreover, Liangzhu people built more than ten huge dams on the plains and mountains around the ancient city. 

The longest was 5 kilometers, which could withstand the once-in-a-century torrential floods.

Inspiration 3: Magical weapon

图98-5 牌饰(瑶山M10:20玉牌饰).jpg

Liangzhu culture jade reached the peak of Chinese prehistoric culture, be it the quantity, variety or skill.

Liangzhu was one of its kind among the tribes with jade traditions in China and even among countries of the Pacific Rim

Inspiration 4: Migration

Studies have found that around 4300 years ago, the climate of Liangzhu City turned colder, 

and a flood lasting for several years destroyed the capital. 

As a result, the Liangzhu citizens left their homes and headed towards the north...


Did you see that Liangzhu has the potential for becoming a blockbuster?



With all elements in hand, how should we create a film out of them?

Epic drama

More than five thousand years ago, a tribe living in the north of the Yangtze River was swallowed by a disaster. The tribe leader led his people and embarked on a long trek, but they were attacked by wild beasts on the way. 

The brave tribe leader killed a beast in front of women and kids and died together with the beast. Led by the son of the tribe leader (the first King of Liangzhu State), the tribe finally found suitable land for resettlement - Liangzhu. The late tribe leader gradually became a spiritual faith of Liangzhu people and was depicted into an animal-headed pattern.



The actor playing the tribe leader: Zhang Fengyi

The actor for the role of the tribe leader’s son: Huang Xuan

Fantasy drama

A huge beast in the wilderness was to destroy the Liangzhu Ancient City, so it drank up the water at the upstream. As a result, droughts occurred for several years on end. A powerful priestess applied the magical power of a special jade ware to pray to heaven. Finally, precious rainfall arrived. The people built a dam to store the water. A young general went into the deep mountains to kill the huge beast. The beast turned into a flood and gushed out. The dam blocked the flood, but the general failed to escape from it...


The actress playing the priestess: Gong Li

Actor for the role of the general: Peng Yuyan

Martial arts (wuxia) drama

There was an orphan adopted by an old guard in the ancient city, who had learned and practiced martial arts diligently and grew into a young and promising warrior. Yet, he fell in love with the princess of Liangzhu and was exiled by the king. Years later, a northern tribe went southwards to fight against the Liangzhu State. At the critical moment, he led capable troops to defeat the enemy army. 


Finally, he was granted by the king with a special jade ware called jade cong and appointed to guard a strategically important town in the south of Yangtze River (the area near today’s Fuquan Mountain, Qingpu, Shanghai) and became the earliest “Shanghainese”.


The actor playing the old guard: Jet Li

The actor for the role of the warrior: Liu Haoran

The actress playing princess: Zhou Dongyu

The actor for the role of the king: Hu Jun

A suspense costume drama

As the rainy season arrived in Liangzhu, a group of mysterious heretics stole into the ancient city and aroused panic among the folks. Under the assistance of the princess, the guard discovered that these guys intended to steel the distribution map of water dams to destroy the dams and city walls and deprive the ancient city of protection. 

The guard discovered that the jade cong king that was safeguarding the imperial palace disappeared...

遗址 良渚.jpg

The actor playing the guard: Zhang Zhen

The actress for the role of the princess: Zhou Xun

The actor for the role of the hectic leader: Liu Ye


Headcanoning about Liangzhu is just stunning! 

Share with us your cool ideas...

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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