In Zhejiang English website officially unveiled 印象浙江英文网正式上线

2019-05-09 13:07:41 source: In Zhejiang

讲好浙江故事 聆听国际回声

Zhejiang stories are ready to get feedback from the world


In Zhejiang English website officially unveiled


What do international friends think about Zhejiang? How do overseas Zhejiang people get the firsthand information of their hometown? How does Zhejiang send its clear messages to the international community in the new era? We are pleased to announce that the “In Zhejiang” English website(, a cross-continental online bridge linking Zhejiang with the world, is officially launched in Hangzhou on May 9, which coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of Zhejiang Daily.



Sponsored by the Information Office of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and presented by Zhejiang Daily Press Group, the website aims to become the flagship digital platform for international communication and provides services to overseas Zhejiang people and friends from all over the world.



Delivering intriguing Zhejiang stories in the new era demands advanced technology, quality content, diversified channels and new platforms. To this end, the “In Zhejiang” English website strengthens the overall planning and integration of international communication resources and creates a cohesive force of publicity. Using the short video as its primary medium of communication, the website vividly exhibits the picturesque landscapes of Zhejiang that boost “lucid waters and lush mountains”, displays unique Jiangnan culture and amazing Zhejiang stories, and brings impressive audiovisual experience to the audience.


A splendid picture of Zhejiang Province is presented stereoscopically in columns and channels such as “Zhejiang at the Forefront”, “Panoramic Zhejiang” and “Zhejiang Snapshots”, turning the website into the first international stop to follow up Zhejiang trends and understand the cultural connotation of Zhejiang. Additionally, the “Zhejiang ING”, a bilingual channel in both Chinese and English, offers quick access to up-to-date information about culture, economy, environment, etc., serving as a window for the overseas Zhejiang people to learn about the development of their hometown.



What’s worth noticing is the “In Zhejiang” New Media Platform for International Communication which consists of websites, app, social media matrix and intelligent management system. By connecting international vision with local resources, we are ready to deliver Zhejiang stories and get feedback from the world. To date, the new media matrix of international communication of Zhejiang Daily Press Group has gained over 300,000 overseas followers, released 1,180 news features for the global promotion of Zhejiang and interacted with more than 25,000,000 overseas users.




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